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The genie tells Stanley he can want for whatever on the planet: popularity, a mystical puppy, superpowers -- you identify it. Hit or Myth Myth, Book 4. The apprentice Skeeve is simply being used to his tasks as courtroom Magician of Possiltum. Religion and Magic in Ancient Egypt. Each element of historical Egyptian society-from schooling and legislations to medication, beginning, and death-was permeated through faith and magic, and ruled by means of divine lifestyles forces of the solar and the Nile.

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The Hero and the Crown. A Newbery Medal WinnerAlthough she is the daughter of Damar's king, Aerin hasn't ever been authorised as complete royalty. Show sample text content. This motion instantly folds the massive flap downward, trapping it among the gimmick and the remainder of the deck. Snap the deck right into a One-Hand Fan.. Jaces towards viewers, then flip it over to flash the backs. Drop the cardboard that is on your correct hand onto the face of the deck.

Palming or lapping the gimmicked card on the backside of the deck will let you proceed with a typical deck.

The Secrets of Brother John Hamman

ACE Y-DE UCE Y ordinarily, if a reproduction card isn't used, there's an ungainly second in so much two-card transpositions while a most sensible switch needs to be used to arrive the ultimate place. The regimen is kind of direct: the Ace of Spades and of Spades switch areas a number of occasions whereas one is held on your hand and the opposite is on most sensible of the deck.

Bro John Hamman's Final Aces

Unless you have done some very strange movements there should be no doubt about the card being the same one. As I write this I have remembered that the ending was the main thing I didn't like in the original effect. I seem to remember the showing of the cards to prove the chosen card was sandwiched between the two Queens looked like a magician's move and would in fact alert the spectator to the fact that it may not be the original card placed on the table.

Secrets of Brother John Hamman, The by Richard Kaufman

Also, in the original effect three cards are removed and placed on the table as you mention that you have removed four cards. I know my audiences and there is no way I would have got away with taking three cards out and telling them that I had four cards so I put in the Biddle Count to throw them off. Unless otherwise stated I do not claim ownership of any idea or effect published on this website.

Where possible I will give full credit and if you know of any credits that should be given I welcome your input. If the count has a name I'm afraid I don't know it - I came up with the count as a means of getting the cards into the order I wanted. The turnover was shown to me many years ago and I don't know its origins, although I have it in my mind that it may be credited to Pat Page.

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John Hamman's Signed Card. You should be able to follow my instructions without knowing the original.

The effect: Four Queens are taken out of the deck, a card selected by the magician is placed to one side and the spectator selects a card. The spectators card is placed on the bottom of the four Queens packet The Queen's packet is counted reversing the cards and the chosen card is turned face up on top then turned down The cards are flicked and spread to reveal only four cards, the top card is turned over to show a Queen The turned over Queen is placed on the table with another face up Queen The two remaining Queens are used to pick up the card on the table and when they are turned over, the spectator's card is seen sandwiched between the Queens Instructions: Hold the deck up to your eye level; run through the deck and up-jog a black Queen which you place to the top of the deck nearest the spectator , follow this with another black Queen then any card and finally a red Queen.

Turn the deck face down and state that you have been looking for four specific cards and as you say this perform a Biddle Count - leaving the second card card counted on the bottom of the deck.

The Magic Cafe Forums - The Secrets of Brother John Hamman - Is it worth getting?

Turn the "four" cards face up and perform an Elmsley Count to show a red Queen followed by two black Queens and finally a red Queen. Place the Queens, face down, to one side.

Hold the deck up to eye level again and run through the cards as you tell the spectator you will choose a card, take out the remaining red Queen and place it face down while telling the spectator you will show the card in a moment or two. Spread the cards for the spectator to choose a card. Pick up the packet of Queens. Take the card from the spectator and place it underneath the packet of Queens. Perform a count to make it look as if you have 5 cards in your hand see note below. Do a double turnover to show the chosen card on top then turn the cards face down. Perform a magical gesture or merely tap the cards then spread them left to right so that he top card is underneath your right thumb immediately to show only four cards.

Turnover the top card to show a black Queen - drop it it onto the surface.