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E-citation software helps officers to write things more quickly, but if the department is still using paper, it may take longer. While on patrol, dispatch is sending out calls for help to answer calls.

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Sometimes this includes enforcing city code, like sound ordinances, but other times it is answering calls for armed robberies or car accidents. Cops must learn about the situation a little more as they drive either from dispatch or from police dispatching software on a mobile phone that gives real time updates to the officer.

In cases of emergency medical needs, cops can help with crowd control for the paramedics to do their job.

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As crowds gather, they must keep people back, talk to witnesses, and call for back up as needed. If the case involves a death, homicide investigators or detectives might be called in while the officer tries to gather other information, including the identity of the deceased.

What gives you the greatest satisfaction working as a Police Officer?

Other job duties vary. Sometimes officers will sit on the side of the road to watch for speeding drivers or just to bring peace of mind to people. Many times, people will approach a police car if they need help with directions, feel scared, or to alert officers to potential problems. Police provide a presence in neighborhoods with crime to help people feel safe as they walk around.

My life as a police officer: a Q&A | OUPblog

Others are doing community outreach to help with public relations between officers and citizens. Officers work long shifts and often stop to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

They might even stop for a cup of coffee to stay awake. They must always be on the look out for robberies and other crimes, or even render aid if needed to someone in distress. Wearing the uniform also makes officers a target too, which means they are always looking over their shoulders for attacks.

A day in the life of a Bishop's Stortford police officer on patrol

Breaks are often quick and then they get right back to work keeping the community safe. Many cops joke that the real police work is writing reports. Taking opportunities during the shift to write them in the car or a vacant parking lot while eating can save the officer time at the desk later. An officer might take notes on reports to write later or review their law enforcement software notes to manage their reports. Most officers have a strong desire to help the community and keep others safe.

A Day in the Life of a Birmingham Walking Beat Cop

Leaving their shift long after it was actually done, they head home, grateful they stayed safe that day. Download a free brochure about any one of our incredible software solutions. Each of our solutions is secure, easy to use and web-based. A day in the life of a police officer will differ for every individual, but one thing for certain is that as soon as you take on the role of an officer, your life as you know it will change. If you were a student heading out on weekends, wine and dining your other half every other evening or partying hard into the night, you will have to accept that, that will now change.

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Your life will now have to work around work. However, in the police force you have the potential to make some fantastic, life-long friends, who will understand the life of an officer and accept that their plans will have to be made around your working schedule.

Day in the life of a Cop

Be prepared for the backlash of being a police officer and always remember why you joined the police force in the first place. Although some may not appreciate your career, every day you are helping and saving lives, which many people cannot say they do.

Kettering, Northamptonshire. Kingston Hospital, Surrey. Being a police officer is one of the most rewarding jobs. Shifts Police officers start at varied times; shifts could be early in the morning, late in the evening or all through the night. Danger Every day you face a new danger and are tasked with duties that could well lead to the unknown.